20-22 September 2017

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Young developers presented their innovative projects on PMIF 2017

Within the DemoDay presentation session of the accelerator "Future Technologies ITMO", young specialists presented their latest developments and projects that differ only in their applied nature, the introduction of which into production is possible in the very near future. At the ITMO University, which was the organizer of the session, high-tech projects in various fields of science have long been actively developed. This is medicine, and urban economy, and construction and even the financial sphere.

The technical director and the founder of the project for the creation of hybrid intelligence Yuri Lobyntsev demonstrated a device that performs the function of a financial analyst, called Cindicator. Its advantages are that, unlike the human mind, an artificial one can develop an almost ideal business model for any project, with an accuracy of 99% determine the parameters of financial transactions, determine the amount of profit from each transaction, depending on various predefined conditions. The range of application of such a device is also wide: from the banking sector to use at enterprises when drawing up business projects and estimates.

The device closest to the vital needs of each person was demonstrated by ITMO students - the Laenco stethoscope. This is a modern development, the launch of which is planned for December this year. Unlike the existing analogs, which are used by most people, this device demonstrates the accuracy of the readings up to 100%. According to the developers, with a total current volume of the pharmaceutical market of 71 billion rubles, the real sector of coverage of this industry at the start of sales could reach 3 billion.

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