28-30 November 2018




The Internet of Things as a Factor of the Creation of a "Smart City"

What is the main idea of ​​the "smart city" project? What are the principles of such a system? How to establish a system of interaction between the state, business and the population for building effective "smart cities"? At these urgent questions for residents of any metropolitan areas, the participants of the conference "Smart City - the Trend of Urban Transformation" tried to find answers on the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

All participants of the discussion agreed that any concept of building so-called smart cities is based on highly developed Internet technologies. In fact, this is a system of urban planning, based on the synthesis of communicative technologies and the Internet of things.

For example, the development director of LLC "Lace" Igor Vaag noted in his speech that the key factors of development in this case are developed technologies, state support and economic expediency of using certain resources. "When creating such systems, it is necessary to focus on foreign practices, as in the West this approach to the arrangement of cities has been practiced for many years," - he stressed. - Our ultimate goal is the creation of a mass product, its implementation in everyday life of at least 90% of the population of the metropolis. In my opinions, St. Petersburg has a huge advantage over other cities with over a million people in this country. "

Special representative of the Governor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Kotov, Director of the Institute of Economics and Business Development Kari Kankaala (Finland), Executive Director of the Association of Developers and Producers of Radioelectronics Ivan Pokrovsky and other experts took part in the conference.

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