20-22 September 2017

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STC-Innovations Offers Anti-Hack Protection for Internet Users

STC-Innovations (where STC is short for Speech Technologies Centre) offers a cloud-based service for voice and face authentication in mobile and web apps. This company, which is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Centre, specializes in the development of voice and bimodal biometric systems. The company presented its new product, OnePass, at the biggest Mobile World Congress trade show.

The unique feature of this cloud-based service is that it analyses a combination of voice biometry and face recognition and operates as a “live user detector”. This prevents malicious use of voice records, photos or video images to access user accounts. According to the designers, this system ensures triple anti-breach protection and maximum security level. It is proposed to utilize this new generation cloud-based service for user verification in on-line games, social media, web-stores and mobile online banking applications. According to Aleksey Zakrevskiy, Director for Development at STC-Innovations, this service is based on language-independent technologies and can be used in any country.

«ЦРТ-инновации» защитит интернет-пользователей от взлома.jpg

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