28-30 November 2018




The Social Translation Center was opened in St. Petersburg State University

A unique Russian Social Translation Center was opened in St. Petersburg State University. The students of the university now have an opportunity not only to practice at the center, but also to work with real customers of translation services. According to the press service of the St. Petersburg State University, the center was created within the innovative project of the University in the field of professional training of students. Translations will be performed by trainees - future translators from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Estonian, Hungarian and Finnish. The center will start accepting customers in October 2017 at Mendeleyevskaya line, 5.

The Social Translation Center has become the fourth project, which use an innovative model of practice. All translation services will be provided by students free of charge, under the supervision of teachers of St. Petersburg State University. Trainees will be able to try their hand at performing the professional duties of project manager, technical manager, translator, editor and terminographer. More than 150 students and seven master programs are now involved in the work of the Social Translation Center. The social translation center was created with the support of the Center for Import Substitution and Localization. The Committee for Social Policy and the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg have already shown interest in the activities of the center. The Social Translation Center also plans to cooperate with social services, non-profit funds and government agencies.

Социальный центр перевода открыли в Санкт-Петербургском государственном университете

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