28-30 November 2018




On PIIF-2017 Nordic experts shared their experience with Russian colleagues

Experts of Norway, Sweden and Finland shared their experience of the introduction of technologies for the urban environment. At the round table "Innovative Networks and Clusters of Clean Technologies: Results and Prospects for International Cooperation", held in the context of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, experts presented the Scandinavian countries' projects.

Head of the Development Department of the Committee for the Improvement and Development of the Urban Environment of the Stockholm Administration Stephan Lorenz spoke about the integrated development of coastal industrial zones. The expert gave an example of creating a closed loop system for housing and communal services with the use of energy saving technologies in the Royal Sea Port quarter.

The experts of the St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment shared their experience of domestic developments. Business Development Director of the Green Net Finland Association Evelina Lutfi reported on the development of a joint Russian-Finnish project in the southern region of St. Petersburg. Specialists are working to create an energy efficient territory in Tsarskoe Selo. For energy supply of residential complexes, it is planned to use alternative sources of energy, in particular, solar batteries.

Nikolai Pitirimov, chairman of the board of directors of the international consortium St. Petersburg Cluster of Clean Technologies for the Urban Environment, noted that the approach to the problems of creating an innovative ecosystem in the countries of Northern Europe and St. Petersburg is common. According to the expert, Russian specialists are not lagging behind their foreign counterparts, and the meetings at the PIIF promote the exchange of experience and ideas.

На ПМИФ-2017 специалисты Северной Европы обменялись опытом с российскими коллегами

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