20-22 September 2017

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Nano Particles for Combating Cancer

Safe nano particles to treat oncological diseases were developed by the scientists of the Moscow State University. According to the MSU’s press relations service, its team, in cooperation German partners, has developed silicon nano particles to deliver medicine within the unhealthy sells. Unlike other drug substances, in this case the medicine would promptly dissolve without accumulation in the human body. Moreover, the nano particles shall locate malignant tumours on their own.

During this new research published by the prominent international magazine Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, the scientists discussed the placement of silicon nano particles into the cells of breast cancer patients. As demonstrated by micro-spectrometer measurements, during the first 5-9 hours the nano particles localize at cellular membranes, and then penetrate the cell walls and bio-degrade within the next 24 hours. At this moment, the medicine is produced. The nano particles shall completely disintegrate within the two week period.

Earlier, the scientists experimented with gold, silver, titanium oxide and cadmium selenide elements. However, it was found that these substances would accumulate in human body resulting in unfavourable side effects.

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