20-22 September 2017

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Mobile App to Eliminate Traffic Jams in the Cities

Mobile app designers from the ITMO (Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics) University are convinced that smart cities shall have no traffic jams and less road accidents. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the ITMO University’s School of High-Performance Computing have developed a unique solution, a Mobile Road Patrol Service Dispatcher. This project proposed by young scientists won the IT-Breakthrough competition, an All-Russian Contest of Revolutionary Information Technologies Projects. The competition was organized by the ITMO University and Roselektronika OAO with the aid of the university-based business incubator and the Sumit start-up accelerator.

This novelty should allow reducing the number of traffic jams following road accidents. The system shall consider all accompanying factors, rank road accidents by severity and, accordingly, propose routes for the Road Patrol Service. The server shall accumulate all data about road traffic schedules, incoming requests timeout, severity of traffic jams following the accidents, accident spots and available patrol vehicles. According to the designers, this solution should help to save time and optimize the roadside incidents resolution procedure.

In the meantime, the new technologies for smart cities shall be presented at the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum on 21-23 September. As a part of the business agenda, leading experts and representatives of higher school community shall discuss the use of innovations for megalopolis management.

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