20-22 September 2017

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Mobile App for Machinery Operation Scheduling

A mobile app to control the operation of industrial equipment was developed at the St. Petersburg-based Leningrad Branch of the Central Scientific and Research Technological Institute (LO CNITI). The Smart Clock operates under the iOS and Android platforms. According to Andrey Lovygin, Director at the LO CNITI, this system makes it possible to monitor the operation of industrial equipment. This specialized app for iPhones and smartphones is based on Android platform. The gadget was transformed into a remote control unit. The operator can see the IDs, names and current statuses of the machinery. When used at numerically controlled machine tools, this system makes it possible to monitor equipment utilization, analyse data and streamline processes. The authors expect that within three-four years this solution shall be implemented at the Russian industrial enterprises. Currently, the Techtran SW system developed by the LO CNITI is actively utilized at the Russian production facilities. In particular, this innovative equipment was put in operation at the plants of Almaz-Antey concern.

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