28-30 November 2018




Intellectual property in the era of digitalization

The VI Interregional Stock Exchange of Intellectual Property was held on the basis of the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. Innovators and inventors learned about programs to support enterprises engaged in the development and production of innovative products and considering export opportunities. Experts told about the role of intellectual property when investing innovative projects.

Deputy Head of the Department of Research and Monitoring of Using the Results of Intellectual Activity of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property Alexander Sysoenko noted that the coming digital economy will affect the relations of the owners of intellectual property rights and business. In his opinion, the business model of interaction between the inventor and the expert community should change. Electronic filing of applications for inventions and obtaining a patent will solve many problems, however, it is necessary to settle issues related to document certification and electronic signature. Participants of the exchange were presented with tools to support innovative projects.

Director of the Intellectual Property Center of SPb Polytechnical University Ismail Kadiev spoke about the activities of the Fund for Promoting Innovation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The fund's programs are aimed at start-up entrepreneurs, as well as companies that intend to develop their business. His proposals for the support of innovators were presented by the St. Petersburg Industrial Development Fund. The organization provides loans to enterprises in the amount from 30 to 150 million rubles on special terms and at a reduced rate of 5% per annum. However, the borrower must have a liquid collateral covering the amount of loans taking into account interest. Participants noted the effectiveness of support tools in modern conditions.

Интеллектуальная собственность в эпоху цифровизации

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