20-22 September 2017

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Innovations to Ensure HPP Safety

Rakurs Group, a resident of the St. Petersburg special economic zone, offers an automated workflow and process control system for power engineering facilities. A new production line for the Enisey VK measurement system was launched by Rakurs in June. The design was developed by Rakurs-Engineering and Polzunov NPO CKTI OAO (Scientific and Production Association for research and design of power engineering equipment) and successfully tested at the hydroelectric installation No. 5 at the Novosibirsk HPP. In the nearest future, this innovative system shall be installed at Krasnoyarsk HPP.

It supports simultaneous measurement of all hydroelectric installation parameters related to vibration. Based on diagnostic data, engineers can identify the equipment malfunctions and incipient defects and assess the remaining lifetime of hydro-turbine assemblies in timely manner. The HPP employees can evaluate the necessity of the unit repairs. The new Enisey VK system shall make it possible to prevent emergency situations and increase safety of hydraulic engineering installations. Moreover, it allows saving the costs of equipment operation and repair. As it was stressed by Sergey Talnishnykh, the Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, at the production line opening ceremony, “The company implements state-of-the-art innovative technologies. The launch of the new production line by the Rakurs Group is a successful example of cooperation between science and production.”

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