20-22 September 2017

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In St. Petersburg a firefighter was created with artificial intelligence

The resident of the business incubator "Ingria" DAAF company developed a robotic fire complex. An intelligent firefighter is a special platform equipped with extinguishing means, which move along the guides, fixed around the perimeter of the premises. The robot is equipped with sensors capable of detecting the source of fire, and special gun carriages for the point release of fire extinguishing means. Mobile robots can be used in complex tunnels, workshops with a belt conveyor and in radioactive premises. The device can be located in an accessible place, and in case of fire will move into the danger zone. The developers are sure that the intelligent fireman is more effective than the existing stationary fire fighting systems and is cheaper. According to the calculations of the company, two fire robots are enough to service the premises. Experts believe that the system will be interesting for the Ministry of States of Emergency, industrial enterprises and owners of large premises - warehouses and garages.

В Петербурге создали пожарника с искусственным интеллектом

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