28-30 November 2018




How to find an investor

The most topical question that worries start-up entrepreneurs - "How to find an investor?" –tried to answer participants of the business jumping-off organized by the Union of Business Angels Organizations (SOGA) and the National Association of Business Angels (NABA) within the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum .

Many people have heard about the existence of crypto currency, but very few people know how it works. The participants learned about the possibilities of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), tokens and risks that entrepreneurs might face if they risk and try to attract investors to the Internet platform.

On the opinion of Lyudmila Golubkova, co-founder and managing partner of Starta Capital Venture Fund and Starta Accelerator, various instruments can be used to attract investments in technology startups. If the IPO (public sale of shares) for the company is not strong, you need to pay attention to the ICO. But if an entrepreneur decided to raise capital with the help of a crypto currency, he should be ready for the risks. The ICO system in some countries are distrustful. In particular, in China, ICO participants are prosecuted by law, and if the company is related to Chinese business, then it should be as transparent as possible.

In addition to legal and regulatory risks, there is a risk of revaluation of portfolio opportunities. Meanwhile, with the help of the ICO, you can find the means to develop the company, increase the company's valuation by potential investors and get a modern tool for capitalization.

In order for the project to become successful, it is necessary to answer the key questions: which product is displayed on the ICO, to whom it will be of interest and when buyers of tokens will receive revenue. In the event that an investor can not make a profit, it is better to consider other ways of raising funds. For example, crowdfunding, since in this case the investor does not have any strict obligations to return the investment or make a profit.

Как найти инвестора

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