28-30 November 2018




Education for innovative business

Research NP "Club of Directors for Science and Innovation" revealed problems in training specialists for start-ups. Project leader Alina Akinshina, speaking at the round table "Education for growing business: educational projects of universities for young high-tech companies", which was held within the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, noted that educational programs in universities are being updated slowly. As a rule, the development and approval of courses for the training of new professionals takes years, and for innovative start-ups professionals with relevant competencies are needed now. As experts noted, one of the options for solving the problem is project training. The practice of training specialists for a specific project of a particular company is widespread in Russian universities.

Director of the Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship Transfer of the Ural Federal University. of B.N. Yeltsin Nina Feodosiadi shared her experience with startups and noted that practical work with industrial enterprises is necessary for the preparation of qualified specialists. "Education must be professional, - Mikhail Rajak, "Academy LIMTU" of the ITMO University, supported colleagues. - A graduate of a university must possess not only basic knowledge, but also the advanced competencies that are necessary at the moment."

Образование для инновационного бизнеса

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