St.Petersburg International Innovation

20-22 September 2017
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Smart public transport for St. Petersburg

A unique system of fares payment in public transport is being tested in St. Petersburg. The specialists of ITMO university have created a prototype of complex information and payment system. The project is being realized jointly with the Analytical Centre under RF Government. Consultations are attended by the specialists of St. Petersburg Information Support and Communication Committee and SPb National Public Establishment "Transportations Organizer". At present, the equipment is being tested in the buses of "Passazhiravtotrans" company.

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Sony memory cards will be made in St. Petersburg

Sony has launched production of microSD memory cards and USB drives in St. Petersburg. Kentaro Ikeda, Head of Information Carriers and Peripherals Department of Sony Electronics in Russia and CIS, told "Kommersant" that the products are intended for sale in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

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Staff for the industry of the future is trained at PIIF

On the days when St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum was held, September 21-23, the Regional Open WorldSkills Russia Championships was organized as part of the City Professional Skills Contest "Step into Profession - 2016".

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Drones will be given intellect at ITMO University (University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)

The employees of ITMO University are developing a project of drones control using blockchain Ethereum technology, used in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payment system. Specialists say that the innovation may serve as a basis of the global information and economic system of the Internet of things.

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HR-related issue will be discussed at PIIF-2016 in 6D format

The conference HR-Day "Development of human capital HR6D" will take place in "Expoforum" CEC as part of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. Experts say that innovative development is impossible without efficient use and development of human resources. 6D format conforms to present-day requirements of marketing and business technologies and includes several components: the project made in three dimensions, time and finances. The sixth dimension is human resources. The main subject of the conference: "6D as the system of social and economic support: from future to the present". The participants will consider relevant issues of provision of Russian economy with human resources and tell about the possibilities and instruments of building up an efficient dialogue between the power and business.

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Innovative defence and industrial cluster is created in St. Petersburg

The projects of innovative industrial clusters are being successfully realized in St. Petersburg. One of them was inspected by Georgiy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg. He looked at the course of realization of the North-Western Regional Centre (NWRC) project by concern VKO "Almaz-Antey". The innovative defence and industrial cluster starts large-scale production of the latest air defence and missile defence systems. According to press service of the concern, performance of this task required increasing the total production capacities of the enterprises included in VKO "Almaz-Antey" and developing the technological processes of new products manufacturing.

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Exposition of PIIF and 20th International Forum "Russian Industrialist" will unite the industries

The exhibition program of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum and 20th International Forum "Russian Industrialist" will unite 12 industries. The exhibit will present such areas as radioelectronics, laser equipment and technologies, engine construction and aircraft engineering, transport machine-building, polymers, composites, medical, ecological instrument engineering and biotechnologies; pharmaceutical industry, tool-making industry, innovative technological energy-saving in housing and public utilities and industry; water cluster, high technologies and engineering.

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Innovative infrastructure helps to develop production

Technoparks and industrial zones create all conditions for growth and development of industrial enterprises. Yu-Piter Innovation and Production Association, the resident of "A-Plus" industrial park, announced the development and start of engines production for electric transport. Rare earth magnets are used in modern aggregates. Innovative engines have a higher capacity, and their dimensions allow to use them in low-floor trams, trolleybuses, and on hybrid cars.

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Innovative Systems to Make the Border Crossing Process Easier

Soon, new innovative identification equipment will be installed at border control checkpoints of Russia. The Vocord company, developing intelligent video surveillance and audio logging systems, has created an original Vocord FaceControl 3D biometric facial recognition system. Two pairs of synchronized stereo cameras are installed at check points. Whenever a person passes through the check point, the system takes a series of synchronous photos from different perspectives. The device reconstructs a 3D-facial model and matches it against a digital pattern or a regular photo. According to RVC JSC, the new version comes with an extended operating range for biometric recognition.

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Nanotechnologies to Cure Wounds Without Surgery

The Napoli company has started testing a new-generation wound bandage called ChitoPran. Using nanotechnologies, the developers created a unique tool for surgeons — a new material replaced by natural tissue of the human body as it is dissolved. According to RVC JSC, the "bandage-scalpel" can be applied in case of various wounds and skin damages. New generation of chitosan-based materials with antibacterial activity and wound healing effects, with "sewn-in" active substances and ferments positively impacts all aspects of wound healing.

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