St.Petersburg International Innovation

20-22 September 2017
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Russian scientists invented a device against sleeping behind the wheel

Russian developers have introduced a new device for protection against accidents because of driver fatigue, which was in development for a year and a half. It has an acceptable price, comfortable to use and reliably protects from involuntary falling asleep behind the wheel, which can significantly reduce road accidents.

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The Tula branch of PJSC "IDGC of Center and Volga Region" presented for the contest "Energoproriv-2017" a project on monitoring the quality of electricity supply

The development of the tenth grade student of the Tula Education Center No. 3, Sergey Melnikov, "Device for Monitoring the Quality of Electricity Supply for Household Consumers," became a participant of the All-Russian Competition of Innovative Projects in the Sphere of Electric Power Industry "Energoproriv-2017".

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"MB Innovations" will startups

Moscow Exchange announced the establishment of a subsidiary company "MB Innovations", which will deal with the development of start-ups in the field of new financial techniques. In the next four years, 1.2 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes. Experts believe that large projects may require additional investment.

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Emotian - emotions on the map

The project "Emotian", based in Technopark MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), is a technological platform for searching, recognizing, and mapping people's emotions. The service in real time shows the emotional background and moods of people in the form of a heat map of emotions.

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St. Petersburg Data Processing Center has got an international certificate

Center of Data Processing of the Information and Technical Center (ITC) "Inforesurs" in St. Petersburg, designed by “Lanit”, the company, has got the Tier Design Uptime Institute certificate and confirmed its compliance with the Tier Standard: Topology.

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Tanks for liquefied natural gas will be made using a new technology

The innovative welding technology was developed by specialists of “Severstal”, the company and JSC “Stroytransneftegaz”. The new technology will be used for the production of storage tanks for liquefied natural gas (LNG). According to JSC "Stroytransneftegaz", the work is carried out at the St. Petersburg JSC "Power Machines".

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St. Petersburg start-up attracted investments of a million dollars

Startup Welltory, a resident of the Business Incubator "Ingria", attracted regular $ 1 million investment package. The authors of the project intend to spend money on product promotion in the US. Experts note that Welltory will reach a promising market for the product - an application developed in St. Petersburg, analyzes the heart rhythm with the help of a smartphone camera and gives an overall assessment of the state of the organism.

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A company from St-Petersburg became a winner of the premium "Industry"

On the 10th of July in Ekaterinburg within the exhibition Innoprom-2017 nominees of the All-Russian award "Industry" were announced. The premium is presented for the fourth time and is aimed at facilitating the introduction of promising technologies in industrial production, promoting advanced practices of Russian companies in a field of industry.

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Petersburg University of Railways develops air-cushion trains

The cluster "Russian Maglev", specialized in the development of domestic trains on a magnetic cushion, began to develop the route "Kazan - Naberezhnye Chelny." According to Anatoly Zaitsev, the head of the Scientific and Educational Center of Innovative Development of Passenger Rail Transport, the chairman of the council of the cluster "Russian Maglev", the trains will be able to reach speeds up to 600 km/h and overcome the distance between cities in a few minutes. The construction of one kilometer of the domestic magneto-levitation line will cost 720 million rubles.

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On July 6, Georgy Poltavchenko discussed with the participants of the Forsythe-Fleet the development of St. Petersburg until 2035

The Governor held a meeting in Smolny according to the results of the first regional "Foresight Fleet 2017", which was held in St. Petersburg. The vice-governor - the head of the Administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Govorunov, the rector of the ITMO University Vladimir Vasiliev, the head of the regional "Leaders' Club" Vyacheslav Traktovenko, representatives of the executive authorities, the business community, public organizations took part in the event.

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