20-22 September 2017

Forum is over

20.09.2017, wednesday

Industry 4.0 for Urban Environment

From Biomedical Developments to Healthy Longevity, Hall 4



Format: Forum, master classes

Organizers: iVAO; MineGenics

Interdisciplinary forum, bringing together representatives of scientists, doctors, investors, businessmen, technology transfer.

Invited speakers:

  • Fomenko Andrey, the founder of iVAO;
  • Fomenko Lada, the Director General of iVAO;
  • Grinenko Alexey, the investment manager of Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF);
  • Aleksandrova Luiza, the Development Director of the Union of business- angels organizations (SOBA);
  • Shibashish Giri, deputy director of the Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine of the Faculty of Medicine at the Leipzig University;
  • Voronkov Andrey, science-degree of candidate (PhD) in chemical sciences, research director of iVAO, the founder of Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining (SONM);
  • Kurek Denis, the Director General of Future Biotech:
  • Ibragimova Amina, the Director General of MineGenics;
  • Tomchuk Dmitriy, Director of Business Projects Development of "Rybakov Fond";
  • Chirgadze Yuriy, the investment manager of Primer Capital;
  • Strizhenok Arseniy, Blockchain Evangelist of Cointelegraph;
  • Defeo Joseph, President and Director General of Juran Institute.


Lada Fomenko
The Director General of iVAO (Russia)

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