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Magic of Light – Miraculous Properties of Light 28.09.2015

Magic of Light – Miraculous Properties of Light

News for everyone curious about and wishing to learn more about optical properties of light! (It's been going on for a while, should we remove this phrase?) Until October 31, Eliseyev Emporium (Birjevaya Linia 14, Vasilyevsky Island, St Petersburg) hosts the Magic of Light exhibition, a set of installations, holograms and optoclones, organised by ITMO University together with the Hellenic Institute of Holography as a part of the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies. The choice of exhibition venue is no coincidence: in the middle of 20th century the building of the Eliseyev Emporium housed the State Optical Institute, where Professor Yuri Denisyuk, an outstanding Russian scientist and one of the founders of optical holography, used to work.

The exhibition features hundreds of light-based instalments, from Merilin Monroe and Michael Jackson to a set of Faberge eggs. Visitors are allowed to touch the "exhibits", as well as to conduct their own experiments with light and plasma balls or to set a piece of wood on fire with a set of LED sheets by spinning exercise bike pedals.

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