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Innovative Industry Requires Skilled Staff 07.10.2015

Innovative Industry Requires Skilled Staff

Further innovative development of the region requires delicate staffing policy, as said by Sergey Movchan, Vice Mayor, at the Saint Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs' presidium meeting. He also told about the results of the pool held on the plenary meeting at the St Petersburg International Innovation Forum for the current drives of innovative development in Russia. The online pool showed that 40% of respondents consider proper staff training the keystone.

The Vice Mayor presented statistic data on the issues and noted that in 2014 in St Petersburg the employment termination had jumped up by 10.2%. However, the industry is still understaffed with 64,343 qualified professionals, with 71.6% being the blue collars.

The municipal government supports the initiative of the industry to elevate qualified working staff training programs. Factories are refunded their expenses on staff training and education. Particularly, in 2014 a total of 15 million rubles was spent on it. 20 industrial businesses of the city received the grants. Large factories often donate money towards modernization of higher technical education facilities. Only during the first half of the year, 12.2 million rubles was spent on new hardware and equipment.

The Vice Mayor proposed to develop a roadmap to determine the deficit of skilled workforce per industry. Sergey Movchan believes that the staffing policy is an issue that requires a complex approach. By 2030, the city should experience drastic qualitative improvement of the workforce.

Saint Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs' presidium agreed to offer cooperation to the higher specialized education facilities. The municipal government is recommended to develop a system for centralized workforce balancing and market demand forecasting. The industry believes that higher specialized education facilities should participate more actively in training programs for workers and labourers via the Employment Agency.

The meeting also involved presentations by the St Petersburg medical and pharmaceutical instrumentation industry and the Motlino special economical district that is currently working on its project in Pskovskaya oblast together with a Singaporean company Jorong Consultants.


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