20-22 September 2017
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First micro submarines for oil spill response

Scientists report the development and successful testing of the first self-propelled "micro submarine" capable of collecting oil droplets of contaminated water and bring them to the collection points.

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Extyst learned how to control the movement of nanorobots in human blood

All the nanotechnologies, which are all a little bit forgotten, however, are increasingly being used to solve complex problems, including those in the medical field.

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New ways of fight against terrorism

American engineers worked out a technology that can leave the dogs of the security forces without work. The researchers developed a way of using lasers to detect explosives.

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Technological innovation - artificial muscles

They are small, but strong. Tiny artificial muscles by an international team of scientists, are 200 times stronger than human muscle tissues in a comparable size.

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New instrument for heart diagnostics offered by Russian scientists

Specialists of the Medical Instrument-Making Lab of Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed an electrocardiograph, which has no analogues in the world.

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New anti-tuberculosis drug in Russia

At the international medical forum in China Yakut experts presented their latest developments in biotechnology, in particular - anti-tuberculosis drug, made ​​of reindeer lichen or moss growing in tundra.

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Scientific and technological conference «Extreme robotics»

The International Conference "Extreme Robotics" (ER-2014) will be held by Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics on October 1-2, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (21 Tikhoretsky Ave., St. Petersburg). The event will be held jointly with the VII St. Petersburg international Innovation Forum and the XVIII International Forum "Russian Industrialist".

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Cambridge scientists have increased twice the efficiency of solar panels

Cambridge scientists have increased twice the efficiency of solar panels.

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Protection against electromagnetic radiation developed by Russian scientists

Material made ​​of composites, reflecting and absorbing electromagnetic radiation, was created by members of the Tomsk State University.

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Innovative Arctic

High technology and innovative solutions are to give a new breath to the Arctic region. Contestants will have to point out the main points for a 9 million square kilometres territory and its 2.5 million population.

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New glasses help to correct young people's vision

Researchers from Oxford University argue that they have made a breakthrough in the field of vision recovery.

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Bionic robots the way you are

The consortium of engineers has truly brought a new page to the history of robotics with its inventions.

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Pseudogenes to play a key role in medicine

In accordance with the new work of American scientists, analysis of the expression of pseudogenes may play a key role in studying the formation of cancer cells. In particular, using this analysis experts will be able to develop new biomarkers.

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Moscow innovative passports

Moscow innovative passport visually is a piece of clear plastic, the size is comparable to a conventional credit card or business card.

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Russia plans replacing computer chips with domestic ones

Russia's new processors, codenamed «Baikal», may appear on the market in 2015, and their main purpose is the importance of using domestic developments in order to avoid an artificial shortage of the product, as well as other negative effects of foreign-made processors.

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Everlasting battery

Nanotechnologies now offer usual copper wires which are the excellent conductors.

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Future of the power of thought

The first ball at the opening of the World Cup in Brazil will be kicked not by the king of football, the great Pele, but by a young man with paralyzed legs. The project with the cost of $ 15 million is led by American neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University.

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Innovations day in St. Petersburg

Enterprises of military and defense sector demonstrated their developments at the Innovations Day of the Western Military District.

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Device that allows the control of a plane by thought

Scientists from Munich University of Technology and Berlin Institute of Technology introduced a device that allows the control of a plane by thought.

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