20-22 September 2017
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Leader of the innovative development

The VII International Innovation Forum in Saint Petersburg has opened its doors today in Lenexpo. Delegates have started to work hard since the early morning, and the major direction of work was set out during the Plenary sitting.

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The project of national airship passed industrial tests

Russian aviation workers have mastered the production of a new type of aircraft. Thanks to the development it will be available to deliver the goods to the areas where there is difficult access to traditional forms of transport.

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Mini-satellites will fix each other directly in orbit

A domestic project to create a system of small artificial satellites of the Earth with advanced features is launched.

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An increase of grants to young scientists

Government of the Voronezh region made numerous changes to the decree "On the annual inter-university competition of innovative projects “Cup of innovations”.

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Dynamic desktop supports tactile interface

New touch screen desktop will be able to contact physical objects to exchange information.

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3D-images become tangible

Japanese firm Miraisens has recently exhibited what can safely be called the future technological revolution.

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The world's largest touch screen display - a basketball court

The company Nike, which owns one of the world's most famous sports brand, has created the most high-tech full-size basketball court.

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Nanofactory: conveyor thinner than hair was created

Scientists have introduced the production of the future: production line with the size thinner than hair.

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Exoskeletons are useful on ships

«Dream of a worker», FORTIS exoskeleton, will be used to help the navy's ship maintenance. A similar system is already used at the company Daewoo in shipyards.

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Israeli startup, the company Effective Space Solutions, claims that their microsatellite DeOrbiter, originally intended to reduce the debris cloud around the Earth, can serve as a tug and help to restore the order of orbital vehicles which lost their direction.

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Shore Google Glass app can recognize human emotions

Over a number of years, researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute have developed software to measure human emotions through face detection and analysis. The main feature of Shore is the possibility to use it in communication with those with disabilities.

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Russian scientists have presented a clear sports car

Vehicle demonstrated the latest developments of scientists: self-cleaning coating for glass, super wear-resistant coating on engine parts and minimagnets for manufacturing rotors, as released by the University.

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Scientists create "smart" coating for airplanes

Numerous failures which occur during the operation of airplanes, unfortunately, are not so promptly removed, as required by the rules of their operation.

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Special gloves help wearer learn braille

Two months ago Georgia Institute of Technology researchers created special gloves which can quickly and easily teach people relief-point Braille tactile writing system that is used by blind people.

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The first flexible ebook on sale

With the launch of the well named Flex ONE, Russian producer Wexler is first to commercially launch a flexible ebook reader based on LG’s Electronic Paper Display

(EPD) technology. The producer also claims that it is the lightest and thinnest eBook reader in the world.

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Lasers have increased the sensitivity of the probe microscopes

Atomic force microscope sensitivity increases 20 times, thanks to laser cooling. Now this devices can detect the weight of a single virus (roughly 100 billion times less massive than a mosquito).

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Light absorbing perovskite spray increases the efficiency of solar battery

Spray based on natural mineral perovskite can help reduce the cost of solar panels and increase the heat transfer coefficient.

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Development of a self-learning chip

IBM creates cognitive chip that mimics human brain.

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Charging stations for the rapid charging of electric vehicles in Russia

The group company Radioelectronic technologies of the State Corporation Rostech has created universal electro-charging stations FORA for rapid charging of batteries of domestic and foreign manufactured cars.

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Scientists have developed a three-dimensional brain tissue model

American scientists have created a three-dimensional brain tissue model. Scientists kept the brainlike tissue alive in the laboratory for two months.

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